We work closely with our roasting partner and friends at Bows & Arrows Roasters to source the best in-season, ethically farmed and traded beans. We’re proud to be a part of the global coffee community and believe that coffee isn’t only about getting a buzz or enjoying flavour – it’s also about a culture of optimism and exploration.


We regularly travel to the communities and farms that grow the beans we sell to you in order to get to know the people producing them. By knowing the names and faces of those closest to the product, we’re able to foster a stronger community while also ensuring the best possible bean for you.


It’s all in the family. Our longtime friend and roaster, Drew Johnson, relocated to Victoria in 2011 to open Bows & Arrows Roasters and we couldn’t be happier. Having them nearby provides an opportunity for our employees to get involved with production and many are frequently on premise working with Drew, learning about the sometimes-obsessive processes that go into roasting quality coffee by hand. This collaboration and experience has provided invaluable education to our staff and we hope that is reflected in our service and products. It’s also a great place to kickback with a couple cold ones and listen to some tunes.


Our baristas undergo long periods of extensive training in order to ensure they understand not only how to make a quality coffee beverage, but why it’s a quality beverage. We’re constantly working with our roasters – learning, smelling and tasting so we can help you have an exceptional and well-rounded coffee experience. It something we take pride in and hope you will appreciate when you try any or all of our products.